Our seasonal, fine burning incense is made with 100% wild harvested plants & trees.  Light, relax and let the aromas of the American wilderness enrich your home.  

Forest Fir is a perfect blend of conifer trees from the Pacific Northwest.  The rich, coastal & mountainous wilderness is home to some of the most magnificent, old growth forests in the world.  From northern California to central Oregon these trees thrive only in specific regions that define the forests of these habitats.  Coast Grand Fir, native to the coastal lowlands of the Grand fir/Douglas Fir Ecoregion of the Cascade Range.  A traditional christmas tree, this conifer has a vibrant, citrus peel scent.  Its partner, the Coast Douglas Fir is the dominant tree, west of the Cascade Mtns, occurring in nearly all forest types and adapted to moist, mild climates. The true defining tree of California.  Lastly, Incense Cedar, native to western North America.  This hardened tree is one of the most fire and drought tolerant trees in California. Its leaves, when crushed, have an aroma unlike any other tree in its family - sweet, forest perfume laden with candy & bright blue skies.

Ingredients: old growth forest, grand fir needle, incense cedar leaf, Douglas fir pitch & all natural xanthan gum

12 hand made cones

Please use caution when lighting.  Do not leave unattended or near flammable object.  Burn well.

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