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Our Rare Serums are made with exquisite plants & trees sourced from North America.  The nature of our oil serums is delicate, packed with protein rich, organic ingredients to bring you the ultimate skin & hair nourishing experience.

Along the coastal cliffs & shores of California there is a plant community that is as vast as it is diverse.  Within this world of bramble & thick succulent ground cover, sages thrive - all day soaking up sea air & golden sun.  These plants hold intoxicating aromatics within their leaves - minty, cool, invigorating & medicinal.

Organic Oils - golden jojoba, organ, sweet almond, apricot kernel, sea buckthorn, hempseed, red raspberry, rose hip

Wild Infusions - wild rose pollen, rosa multiflora hips, evening primrose, usea moss

Wild foraged aromatics & steam distilled essential oils - black sage, santa rosa island sage, san diego sage, pitcher sage, silver sagebrush.

Each bottle is infused, formulated, measured & poured by hand to ensure perfect balance & harmony of these truly rare concoctions.

 Unisex.  Apply a few drops to face, beard & hair.

.5 oz glass bottle with dropper.

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