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In the high desert, ancient songs call out from the distant foothills and camp fires smolder with the ashes of ceremonial embers.  The Medicine Men of desert tribes, gather sagebrush from ravine beds & juniper boughs from low mountain peaks for the nightly jamboree.  Where piñon pine forests meet endless fields of resinous juniper the Mojave Medicine is prepared.

Our Wild Fragranced Candles are made with 100% wild foraged aromatics.  After many formulations and tests we have come up with a perfect blend of eco-soy & locally sourced beeswax to carry our essential oils.  We wanted to truly capture and bring to your home a taste of the wilderness.

8oz amber jar.

Hand poured in small batches.  Ingredients: Eco-soy & beeswax, tree pitch/resin, live plant infusions, steam distilled essential oils

Cotton wick.  50+ hour burn time.  


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