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Our Replenish Oils are formulated to moisturize, fortify & brighten all types of skin & hair types.  We use only organic botanical oils & wild foraged aromatics for an ultimate, all body application.

There are things that we journey to.  Sometimes that have no end destination.  Things have a way, out there, of leading you into a beautiful void where bounty & epiphany manifest eventually.  A place where everything is eventual & if you stare long enough you will start to come upon clarity.  Soon the plants & trees around you will start to speak & what they say is - "listen, I will tell you a story.  It will transcend you & you will transcend me for I am The Mystic & I am here to help." The Mystic Replenish Oil is the essence of sacred journeys taken into the desert regions of California - white sage, juniper & desert cedar are at the heart of this skin fortifying oil.

Apply liberally to skin, face & hair.

Ingredients: organic apricot kernel, golden jojoba & argan oils, live plant infusions(leaf, needle, bark, root, moss, flower), tree pitch/resin, steam distilled essential oils

1 fluid oz.

Scent Notes: sacred white sage, fresh menthol, coastal salvia

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