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Our Wild Fragranced Candles are made with 100% wild foraged aromatics.  After many formulations & burn tests we have come up with a perfect blend of eco-soy & locally sourced beeswax to carry our essential oils.  We wanted to truly capture & bring to your home a taste of the wilderness.

If you can't be home for the holidays being out in the woods ain't a bad alternative.  This candle was inspired by our treks into the wild, cooking breakfast on the fire & that cast iron coffee!  Just throw water, coffee, orange peel & a little clove in the pan & simmer it over an open campfire.  There is nothing like that tasty little perk me up to get the cowboy in ya' going in the morning.

Scent notes: campfire smoke, crushed grand fir needle, mulled orange peel & spice steeping in a cast iron pan

4 oz amber jar. Cotton wick.

Ingredients: eco-soy wax, yellow beeswax, tree pitch/resin infusions, steam distilled essential oils



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