Foraging for aromatics is the same basic foundation as foraging for food is.  Cooking is an art form much like creating fragrance & so it came as no hardship to bring to the table (pun intended), in very limited batches, a small line of culinary dry rubs & seasonings.

California has always been a place of mystery & grandeur for us.  The plant diversity is astounding & so we wanted to capture this wilderness place in a wild, wacky & weird seasoning.  Our Chaparral Dry Rub is a strangely unique & a bold blend of native California plants that grow in the dry, chaparral plant community.  

Ingredients are wild harvested white & black sages, yerba santa, California bay, piñon pine needle, coyote bush, creosote bush, California sagebrush, coarse cherry smoked sea salt, organic black pepper

Works well with poultry but experiment as you should.  Use sparingly!  The plants used in this rub are very aromatic & strong.

 4 oz jar

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