We know scents can be a very personal experience.  When it comes straight from nature each person will have their own connection & a special place reserved in their hearts specific to the wild places they love.  We offer here our mainstays in our Replenish Oil collection for you to experience the different places we go to find our connection to nature.

For men & woman. Apply liberally on face, skin or hair to enrich, replenish & moisturize all types of complexions.

Made with 100% wild foraged aromatics.

Ingredients: organic apricot kernel,  golden jojoba & argan oils,  live plant infusions (leaf, needle, twig, bark, root, flower), tree pitch/resin, moss, lichen & mushroom infusions, steam distilled essential oils

Desert Resin - Utah juniper, dry cedar, greasewood, California sagebrush, ancient creosote, desert tar

Piñon Pine - high desert sun, fresh cut timber, brown sugar, sweet pine resin

Pine Barrens - morning forest air, pine resin, sun baked pine needle, honeyed wild flower,  cinnamon bramble, charred oak

The Mystic - sacred sage, great basin sagebrush, campfire

Chippewa - New England pine grove, dry cinnamon, illicium, dark spice

5-1/8 oz vials

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