The Santa Susana Pass is a road that hold much history in California.  It is the division between the Simi Hills to the south and the Santa Susana Mountains to the north and they form an important wildlife corridor and habitat link between the two.  It is home to California chapparral woodlands, oak savannahs, and sagebrush communities.  When I visited there in 2000 a small piece of me never left.  There was something enlightening and dark in all it's mysteries. The voices of the past echoed loud in the canyons.  13 years later I revisited that place and although it looked different and the years of development had encroached inward that same voice resonated with me.  Santa Susana Replenish Oil is a journey back there.  

Made with 100% wild harvested plants & trees from the desert southwest. 

Scent Notes: piñon pine resin, dry cedar, sacred smudge, rare musk sage, echoes of 1969

2 oz

Ingredients: organic apricot kernel, golden jojoba & argan oils, steam distilled essential oils, plants & tree pitch/sap, leaf/bark infusions

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