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This year we have endured not only storms but more violent ones and they are trending to only get worse. It’s a bitter sweet endeavor to head outside after a heavy blow to harvest the fallen branches of conifer trees but we wanted to raise a little awareness to this crisis that touches us all. Every candle will be a different blend of steam distilled conifer essential oils from the fallen boughs of trees we collect after summer storms.

We usual find black & Norway spruce, white pine, Douglas fir, red cedar (juniper) & Leyland cypress

Our Wild Fragranced Candles are made with 100% wild foraged aromatics.  After many formulations and tests we have come up with a perfect blend of eco-soy & locally sourced beeswax to carry our essential oils.  We wanted to truly capture and bring to your home a taste of the wilderness.

4 oz amber jar.

Hand poured in small batches.  Ingredients: Eco-soy & beeswax, tree pitch/resin, live plant infusions, steam distilled essential oils

Cotton wick. 


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