The wilderness was once inhabited by the indigenous people who lived with the land.  Spoke to it & listened to its wisdom.  They took from it, giving back ten fold.  These tribes chanted its spiritual power & from it, this language has transcended to now.  Our interest in the plants & trees where we live & more so these tribes who utilized them as a part of their being is why we are here.  Our Tamarack Field & Camp Soap borrows from a long history of the native Americans  who used  the indigenous trees of the north eastern mountain forests in their everyday ritual.  From medicinal properties to practical uses spruce, pine & larch were staples for them.

Our Field & Camp Soaps have been formulated for use in the field or campsite.  Versatile, simple & easy on the environment, these can be used on your tent, to clean up after a hearty campfire dinner or on yourself. 

Ingredients: saponified olive, coconut, & jojoba oils, live plant infusions (leaf/needle/twig/bark/root\flower), tree pitch/resin, aloe vera, rosemary extract (no scent),steam distilled essential oils.

Scent notes:  black spruce, pine pollen, tamarack wood, white pine pitch

Low sudsing & biodegradable - please do not use near open water sources. 

8 oz.

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