Foraging for aromatics is the same basic foundation as foraging for food is. Cooking is an art form much like creating fragrance & so it came as no hardship to bring to the table (pun intended), in very limited batches, a small line of culinary dry rubs & seasonings.

We have a special place in our hearts, here at Barnaby Black, for all things spicy.  All summer, in our workshop gardens, we grow all sorts of heirloom veggies.  One of our favs is chilis & we grow many varieties.  They come in all shapes & sizes & have complex flavors once you get past the heat.
Ingredients: home grown heirloom Chimayo, cancun bird, wild Texas chiltepin & Sonoran chiltepin peppers

CAUTION: This chili flake powder is VERY hot.  This vial is intended for use in a large pot of chili or stew.  Sprinkle a very small amount on dishes for a heavy kick of smoky heat.  Do Not handle this powder with bare fingers & wash thoroughly after use.  Keep out of reach of children & animals.

 .25 oz vial

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