The Naturalist

  • Tinkering with the fragrance of the Pine Barrens


    If you breath deep you can smell them.  Driving eastward on Long Island, when you enter the last of this wilderness landscape, early morning or early evening, that sweet smell of seemingly, endless pitch pine.  It's the morning sun, hot and heavy, toasting fallen needles and the last of the dew evaporating into stands of huckleberry and wintergreen.  Lichen and moss, rich and earthy meld in the early afternoon air with sweet fern.  Later in the year this dynamic melding of wilderness fragrance changes with the coming of tansy, goldenrod and other native wild flowers.  This is the Pine Barrens.  We live and breath this almost everyday and now we pay homage to it.  We are hard at work tincturing and steam distilling the essences of this place.  At the heart is our native Pitch PIne but the blood flow through out these pines is what we truly are trying to capture with our Pine Barrens Wilderness Cologne.  The habitat around them.  The low lying brambles and acres of wild blueberry.  The sweet fern and Autumn berry. This will be an ongoing project - to capture this amazing wildscape.  The last of Long Islands wilderness.

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