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Our Wilderness Colognes are made with 100% wild harvested plants & trees.  We tell the stories of the wilderness through their native tongues.   

In the deep forests, along the coastal plains of the Atlantic coast, the Atlantic White cedar swamps thrive.  There is a transition from the sandy soils of the pine barrens to the peat moss bogs where these groves have stood for hundreds of years.  Amongst the pin straight, cedar pillars you feel in the presence of something grand.  Something bigger then the universe.  You feel small & giant all at the same time.  These dark woods embrace you & tell you secrets.  They sing the songs of the mighty Atlantic coast where they are perfectly at home. This formulation is a single plant study made from the many aromatic elements of one native tree - the atlantic white cedar.

Scent notes:  electric tangerine, deadhead cypress, warm ginger, spiced briar moss

1 oz bottle

For men & women. Apply liberally in hair & on skin.  Our fragrances wear light.  Natural plant juice may stain cloth so please use caution.

Ingredients: organic cane sugar alcohol, live plant & tree infusions (leaf, needle, twig, bark, root, flower), tree pitch/resin infusions, steam distilled essential oils

Notes: tincture of atlantic white cedar leaf/bark, steam distillation of cedar leaf, hydro-distillation of cedar heartwood

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