Notes on our products - We love to make our products in small batches to maintain a unique and ever-changing collection. With that said, color, body, sizing and ingredients (such as organic materials) may vary and change throughout the products, including the same product from batch to batch. We do adhere to the same recipes and work hard to achieve a high quality of standard but on occasion we like to change it up a little.

Our wildcrafted products are a labor of love.  After we sustainably harvest plants and trees we take them to our workshop where we tincture, infuse, enfleurage and steam distill them.  The oils and delicate smells we extract are the heart and soul of our fragrances and being that they are 100% all natural, straight from the source our fragrances are not heavy like most industrial, chemist made fragrances. 

A question asked by many is about the higher price of our products.  It is a simple note on the time it takes to make the things we make.  So much time and devotion goes into each and every bottle.  From traveling to the destinations we harvest to the actual harvest, then off to the workshop where the magic happens.  It takes a very large amount of live plant matter to get only a few milliliters of essential oil - for example in our past boils of pitch pine, 50 lbs of needles only yielded about a half ounce of precious oil. Atlantic White Cedar, 50 lbs of leaf only yielded, roughly 50 drops!

What is wildcrafting?  

Wildcrafting means we go out into the wilderness, whether it be the grand wilds of America or the local ones in our own backyard, & we get dirty.  We sustainably harvest the plants & trees that go into our products & we extract their aromatics through various, old world perfuming techniques.  We immerse ourselves into the world we love & when we come out on the other side, we may not be clean but we are alive with the knowledge of nature.

How do we harvest the plants & trees we use in our products?

We only sustainable harvest all of the plant material in our products.  We collect fallen leaves, needles, pine cones, branches, etc first & foremost.  On occasion, after a storm, we will go to our favorite spots & look for fallen trees that have no chance of surviving & we will deconstruct & use all parts of it.  The pruning practices we use actually help secure future growth for the next season.  We always get permissions to enter private lands & we secure permits on state & town properties.

Do we offer free samples?

Because our products are available in only very limited quantities we do not offer free samples but a very affordable way to experience our mainstay collection of both Wilderness Colognes and Replenish Oils is to purchase our Sample Kits.

Are our products unisex?

Yes.  We make an array of products that suit many tastes.  All of the ingredients used in our collection are high quality & are used by many high end, skin care lines.

The Field & Camp Soap has separated.  Is this normal?

The nature of "all natural" is that the liquids & raw materials we use in our products have varying densities & will separate after sitting for a short time.  This not a bad thing!  We recommend shaking well before each use.  Any sediment or cloudiness will come form small plants particles the have been used to infuse our soaps bases.

Do my orders ship within 1-2 business days?

 Most of orders ship within 1-2 business days.  However, there are times when we are out in the wilderness harvesting plants & trees for our next project so 4-5 business days may be more appropriate on those occasions.  Sorry, in advance, for any inconvenience but the wilderness also and we must go!!!!!