Be The Trailhead

When we go out to harvest the plants & trees we use in our products we almost always start at a trailhead. The start of another journey we are about to take.  It is that waypoint that leads us into the wilderness that we love & everyday strive to protect.  We encourage you to take that same journey & blaze your own trail. Go forth & seek discovery, gain the knowledge passed down by Mother Nature & strive to protect it as well.  Pass this down to others & ask that they do the same.  It is not a mere footprint in the terra that defines us but the will to make sure to secure, that for years to come, our future generations can lay down that same elegant footprint in that same soil, in those same forests & wild places.  
Everyday Barnaby Black endeavors to do more for the environment.  We can never recycle enough, reuse enough, sustain & preserve enough.  Our actions directly affect the environment we work in, whether it be the ocean our workshop looks over or the forests we forage in, we are always looking to do more to protect these wonderful habitats.  
Start your journey.  Be the trailhead.