About Us

“ In a land of amazing makers, artisans & "hand crafted goods", what will set your brand apart from the herd of great, quality products and keep you fresh and always thirsting for more...,”

 Barnaby Black started as a small menswear brand with its attention towards functional, outdoor gear.  It payed ever-so-close-attention to the small details, not only within the stitching & very fabric of the garments but also the concept & the drive behind what we had set out to do. It was an exciting endeavor that taught us a ton about an industry we had no formal background in previously.  As all crafty adventurers know, the path sometime splits & you depart on a new & exciting excursions. For us is was a departure from clothing altogether and although we have not abandoned our clothing heritage, we had found a new enthusiasm in handcrafting all natural & wild crafted goods & skin care & grooming products. Our love for nature & our unquenchable thirst for the knowledge it holds deep inside it’s complex world, has driven us to create these unique goods.  It was never enough for us to just buy supplies & start making things.  Although we don't think there is anything wrong with that path, it just wasn't enough for us & so delving deeper into the craft was our only option - gathering plants & trees in the wild, taking them back to our workshop and extracting their aromatic goodness was our plight.

It had not been a far stretch for us, as we live & breath the wilderness everyday of our lives.  As always we keep a sharp eye on conservation and leaving a very light footprint in a travels.  We strive to enlighten our customers with the things we take from nature because, in the end, making these great products is amazing but preserving thievery place we gat our inspiration from is even more so.