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Our Wilderness Colognes are made with 100% wild harvested plants & trees. We tell the stories of the wild places we visit  through the native tongues of these aromatic plants & trees.  

Every one of our products has its own story and some of them are strange.  Desert Resin started as a an ode to one of our favorite places in the world - the desert.  We wanted to get freaky, we wanted to get a little Road Warrior with this one.  The desert is a harsh place to survive and the plants that grow there have complex & powerful aromas.  This should be rubbed on the skin over the grime & grit of a days work.  This works well with the grease under your fingernails, the sun baked blacktop & compliments perfectly, diesel plumes in the hot desert, air.  

Scent notes: Utah juniper, dry cedar, pinyon pine, sagebrush, ancient creosote, desert tar

1 oz bottle

For men & women. Apply liberally in hair & on skin.  Our fragrances wear light.  Natural plant juice may stain cloth so please use caution.

Ingredients: organic cane sugar alcohol, live plant & tree infusions (leaf, needle, twig, bark, root, flower), tree pitch/resin infusions, steam distilled essential oils

Notes: tincture of piñon pitch, great basin sagebrush & creosote, steam distillation of utah juniper & desert sage


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