Burnwell Illuminaries are handmade, fine wax candles inspired by the exquisite nature of imagination, the textures of foreigns lands, the discovery of aromatic places in time, both past and unknown. 

1969, this time long gone but never forgotten, not even for a second.  Perfect lines out on the horizon, sets rolling in, barrel after barrel.  There's a beautiful girl from California, oiled up & bronzed, putting surf wax on her longboard.  She has a cold beer next to her & she offers to roll up a joint before we get out into the water.  My gorgeous girl, so cool & easy.  We share a puff, a long kiss & the perfect day cutting up some waves.

Scent Notes: sensimilla, Maile flower, coco butter, surf wax, cherimoya, apricot blossom

8oz frosted whiskey tumbler , wood wick with approx. 50hrs burn time

Ingredients: eco-soy wax, yellow beeswax, essential oils, natural resins & fine fragrance

When lighting our candles please do so in an open area, in view of sight & away from flammable objects.


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