It's no secret that one of Barnaby Blacks biggest influences is Hunter S. Thompson.  Our private book collection has a shelf dedicated to his entire collection of work - first editions, rarities & a few signed copies.  When we read this title we were thrilled to find a writer who truly had a deep running admiration for this legend.   Brian Kevin, the author, was nice enough to sign a few copies his book for us & so we offer a limited few of this awesome book.

In 1963, twenty-five-year-old Hunter S. Thompson completed a yearlong journey across South America, filing a series of dispatches for an upstart paper called the National Observer. It was here, on the front lines of the Cold War, that this then-unknown reporter began making a name for himself. The Hunter S. Thompson who would become America's iconic "gonzo journalist" was born in the streets of Rio, the mountains of Peru, and the black market outposts of Colombia.      

   In The Footloose American, Brian Kevin traverses the continent with Thompson's ghost as his guide, offering a ground-level exploration of twenty-first-century South American culture, politics, and ecology. By contrasting the author's own thrilling, transformative experiences along the Hunter S. Thompson Trail with those that Thompson describes in his letters and lost Observer stories, The Footloose American is at once a gripping personal journey and a thought-provoking study of culture and place.

“Not only does Mr. Kevin fill us in on the careening journey that helped define Thompson as a journalist, but he also delivers an engrossing and opinionated travel guide to modern Latin America.” —New York Times

“Brian Kevin has achieved a miraculous first with this brilliant travelogue that follows Hunter S. Thompson's journeys through South America shot into the prism of the modern travelers aesthetic. The vividness of Kevin's writing makes for great reading and his stories bring to life the immediacy and romantic allure of the Latin experience.” —Andrew Zimmern, Creator of Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel

“Brian Kevin has written a marvelous travel romp following the Proud Highway of Hunter S. Thomson through Latin America. Kevin is a helluva good writer and, if the Gonzo King were alive, he would give The Footloose American a thumbs up.” 
—Douglas Brinkley, author of Cronkite, CBS News Historian, and literary executor of Hunter Thompson's estate

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