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When we steam distill our wild harvested plants & trees we get about 90-95% distilled, botanical water & the rest is precious plant aromatics.  This wonderfully invigorating, hydrosol is bright & alive with the essence of the plants we had distilled.  

This versatile water can be used in many applications.  From hygienic to therapeutic, for personal use & around the home or office.  Brighten any living space.  Spritz a little on clothing, sheets or pillows.  Splash a little on your face in the morning or consider using as an ingredient in your own hand made products.

White Cedar Wood is the heart wood from the Atlantic White Cedar distilled into a gorgeous, rich & spicy aromatic (think sauna or cedar closet).  Protected on Long Island because of historical over harvesting we collect fallen boughs & branches from NJ & RI.  This is certainly our favorite tree & most rare as its hard to harvest.

16oz glass bottle

Pure distilled, botanical water - thats all!

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