by mathew sabatino July 25, 2014

 We have been hard at work harvesting, tincturing & distilling our Pine Barrens Wilderness Cologne this spring & summer & it is finally ready.  We have been working with local state parks like Connetquot State Park collecting Pitch Pine needles & sap which is the main note in this rich scented fragrance.  They were kind enough to grant us a permit that allows us access to parts of the park otherwise off limits.  During our small treks, into the not so distant wilderness, we have encountered so many amazing plants & animals (a few not so amazing things like an overwhelming amount of Pine Borer Beetles that are devastating our Pine Barrens).  All of these amazing plants are notes in our latest endeavor.  The Pine Barrens, here on Long Island, are a very unique ecosystem.  Where the massive oak forests dwindle the pitch pine picks up and the under scrub that grows beneath it, is where our other scent notes come from.  Sweet fern, sassafras, bayberry &  cinnamon fern are just a few of the plants you can smell in the background of this fragrance.  At the tail end, smoke & char from cones we collected in the contained aftermath of a scrub fire take over - which, as a side note, is a healthy thing for the Pine Barrens.  Fire breathes new life into these amazing trees, setting forth a rain storm of seeds that shower down to the forest floor.

We are proud to present our first ever cologne made entirely from wild harvested plants & trees collected in the pIne Barrens of Long Island.

mathew sabatino
mathew sabatino


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by mathew sabatino November 08, 2018

This year that forest was a little different.  Not in any way different from years when those pines had dropped their cones in the road but you are older now and more aware and it seems this year the cones are so many you can hardly believe your own eyes.  The crunching of them when you run them over, driving up that meandering driveway, just seems a lot louder.  Nature has a way of surprising you all the time even though you've seen those same gardens every spring and you've planted the very plants that surprise you.  Those same white pines that were like family all those years, surprised you this year because they are trying to tell you something. 

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by mathew sabatino July 20, 2018

...Plum Islands biowarfare ties date back to World War II and Operation Paperclip, a top secret government program to shield Nazi scientists from trial or punishment by quietly bringing them over to the U.S. and giving them new identities and U.S. citizenship in exchange for working for the government and military.

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by mathew sabatino January 18, 2018

Our single plant studies are love songs, pure, unfiltered, admiration, of one species of plant or tree.  One plant with so many scent notes in its catalog, balanced by millions of years of evolution...

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